Friday, August 27, 2010


Going to sbs camp later. hahaha.
8 hours more.

Got a bit excited tim~ =P
So long never go back already. ahhh.. dont know what will happen le?

Just watched Love in Disguise today.
Nicee movie. I was touched for a few times.

Go and watch it. damn nice.
Although front part quite boring la.

okayy. have to do my port folio already.
havent do now. hahaha.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

go sleep now.


Today is so great. =)

Triple Kill

Just went to 2010年全国文学营 - 诗的 X 宴 today.
Listen to the name also can feel how boring is it right?


I tell you, that camp ahh...
reallly nooooott boring wan. Totally out of my imagination.
First time attend this kind of event, hmmm.... recently got a lot of first time.
My luck is getting better already.
haha. First time take stpm.

But, VI de name already polluted by us already.

We are the late comers, and
never sit according to our places, and
didn't go back to our place on time.

I think the teachers there sure will throw negative impact to us right?
Sorry arhh, teacher. We will sit back next time. So sorry.

I learned how to write, I mean, how to create a poem in a better way.
And that camp also consists of prize giving ceremony wan..
I got 2 prizes initially, but at the end, I appeared to take one more.
haha. cannot lc le..

But, my trophy both also got a bit problem.
The first one was KL chinese essay writing competition.
I got sagu hati,
quite low laa.
Among my friends. ):

But, nevermind, the trophy is nice.
It is made up of glass, errr... perspek? I dont know, janji its transparent.
I took the prize and come down stage. hand move here move there.

and suddenly..


The trophy broken into 2 parts, and I lost its head.
Shit. So many ppl see le.. I still have to bend under the chair to take back my trophy head.

and my glass/persepek trophy was knocked and some part of it is damaged.


The picture before my trophy die.
kena chop head.

another trophy.
I joined for the 全国华文创作散文组, don't know what is english for this phrase.
I don't care. You google translate it lah. haha. I got sagu hati also.
But, when the list comes out, I am inside lower form de group.

WTH oh?? but, since got money, I cannot resist it, and I won't be so yeng say

"I don't want the prize."
Cannot be so yeng laa.. I am broke now.

Masih ini lebih practical.

Soooo, I went up stage right after I put my broken trophy back to my own seat.
I was tersepit between form 1, form 2, and form 3 students. Ahh.. damn malu.

I think teachers know that also. Why this guy appear so fast, somemore in different age group. Haihhhh.

Still have to take picture tim. Both of them I also kena forced in front. I can be easily recognised, since I am the most leng zai wan. hahahaha, no la. the tallest wan.

This time my trophy didn't broke. but, the tag was at lower form.
Luckily now give back to the organizers, and they will help me to do a new one. hahahah.
So nice.

decided to join more of theseeee events.
Compete in competition.

I want to prove them, I am not only sagu hati, I am not lower form.

I am good. hahahaha.

oh.... I saw monkeyss. days ago.

and they were stealing maggie. wth. i swear that was real. I was stunned there. hahaha.

Lastly, end my post with this.

I want to tell the whole world, we are lucky because we got toilet.

Flush please.
Sorry for being so random.

Friday, August 20, 2010


*mark down.

Today is the happiest day since I have been born.

Ohh, yahh. It's too late when I reach home.
Luckily still can watch that journey to the west.

stupid Wu Jing.
Why he can dye hair wan. bodoh.
puikkk. hahaha.

Wu Kong seems to be weaker in this version.
why cannot fight wan? only got yellow explosion effect.
Like the Hong Kong version more, personally.